Logo Repair, Vectorize

We can fix your logo to make it work for your business. Raster logo to vector conversion is included. You will see your logo perform its purpose!

  • 1-2 Logo Concepts
  • 1 Business Day
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Logo Remake

An overhaul. We redesign your logo to provide it a more updated and polished look. Your logo will remain timeless and relevant.

  • 2-3 Logo Concepts
  • 2-4 Business Days
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Logo Design

Logo design from the ground up. We create your logo guided by the direction and identity you have identified for your business. Providing you an original logo is our business!

  • 5 Logo Concepts
  • 5-9 Business Days
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Logo Repair and Vectorization *

You will know for sure if you have a winning logo in your company’s hand. You will, because your market reaction will tell you so. Unless your logo provides your business that satisfaction, you should be seriously considering having your logo fixed and repaired.

Logo Remake fixes your logo without losing whatever goodwill you have established with your target market. If you have previously commissioned your logo with another designer, it is possible that you have not been provided your needed printable files. We know how important it is for you to have ready access to these files and will in fact provide you the right vector image files after polishing your logo. Upon your request, we can also provide your logo in additional formats without additional cost to your company.

Logo vectorizing* allows you and your company to maximize the power of your brand. If your logo appears in low resolution and you don't have a vector file of your logo like AI, EPS or CDR then your logo needs to be redrawn in a vector file formats so that it can be used for printing and publishing.

We guarantee the highest quality of results and the swiftest turnaround time for your order. Make this important decision and see the benefit redound to your business.

* If logo complexity exceeds normal scope, we will contact you with exact time and cost information.

Logo Remake

If you feel that your present logo leaves much to be desired in brand effectiveness, you will certainly benefit from having your logo redesigned by Logoremake. We will provide your logo that difference that will make it standout suitably and create a positive feel among customers.

There is no need to completely change your logo if you don’t want to. We perfectly understand your company’s desire to be continuously recognizable to your loyal customers. We shall make the appropriate design modifications that will allow your logo to appear current and updated without having to lose the identity which you have painstakingly established. After our redesigning work, you will be more confident to use your logo as you see fit in promoting your company and your products.

The right logo can make the difference for any business. Do not be left behind by competition with an unrecognizable logo. Let Logoremake redesign your logo to stand-out and be recognized. Your logo exists to give your company its identity and we will make sure that it will be the right identity for you.

Custom Logo Design

A logo helps establish instant recognition for your company regardless of whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for quite sometime. Logoremake can design your logo from the ground up under your specific requirements and specifications. Building a respectable name in any industry requires a logo for instant representation of the company.

It is possible that you have finally seen how seriously flawed your existing logo is and want to change it. We are willing to provide you with several logo concepts to choose from so you will not make the mistake of choosing a wrong logo twice. We always endeavor to produce logos that are clearly differentiated while having universal appeal.

Many businesses commit the mistake of not bothering with a logo at all and end up with no visible identity. Do not allow your business to be buried in oblivion. You know you want more than that for your company. You want your business to be recognized as it should. Provide us your thoughts, ideas, and vision and Logoremake will do the rest.

  • Thank you Logo Remake for providing our business a positive facelift through our new logo. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

    Matt H., Project manager
  • My business is very important to me. I want it to be presented in the best possible light in all aspects. I know how important a logo is in creating a business image. I’m glad that I got the services of Logoremake. The designers have been very patient in providing me varied choices.

    Mark K., Web developer
  • The people of LogoRemake know how to listen to their clients. They were able to provide my company a perfect logo that has been in my mind for quite sometime and cannot execute by myself. I’m sure glad and very pleased that I found Logo Remake in time.

    Michael S., Programmer
  • From the placement of our logo order up to the delivery of the final logo design, everything was smooth-sailing. Excellent service, quick delivery, and perfect logo – I will certainly be getting the services of Logoremake.com again.

    Samantha B., Web designer
  • I thought that a great logo cannot be had for a reasonable price. I was thankfully mistaken when I saw the final logo made by LogoRemake.com. Just goes to show that not only big companies can avail of excellent service and fast delivery.

    Alis B., Photographer
  • Finding just the right logo for any business is not exactly easy to do. I know because I have had works done on our logo twice already with lackluster results. Fortunately, I found Logoremake over the Internet and was quite surprised by their very professional attention to my logo requirement.

    Jeffrey A., Developer